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Tabletop Continuous Electric Fryer
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Posted: 11 September 2020, 04:52

Tabletop Continuous Electric Fryer

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Normit Food
project Manager
Normit Food, S.R.O.,  Malacky, SK
Flagma member since 6 September 2018


Compact tabletop fryer provides continuous frying of products by immersion in oil. In its functions and capabilities, it's comparable to an industrial conveyor deep fryer.

The fryer is a working tank (bathtub), in which a universal conveyor with a food belt is placed and a guaranteed immersing the product in oil is installed. The unit is equipped with a heating system with an individual thermostat for each heating element and a conveyor speed control system. The removable components of the fryer are mounted on special locks, which makes it easy and quick to disassemble it for cleaning and washing.

• fish (capelin, fish sticks) and meat products
• cutlets
• nuggets
• chicken sticks
• pasties
• crackers
• crisps and pork skin chips
• pies and dumplings
• french fries, potato wedges, onion
• rings
• breaded cauliflower
• seafood
• pancakes
• vegetarian soy products
• donuts quark

• high strength and durability of the construction. The thickness of the conveyor belt wire fabric is 2 times more than the standard one.
• high power temperature control system
• frying time is from 2 sec. up to 60 minutes!
• heating power in a basic (minimum) version is 9.75 kW!
• the speed control of continuous frying using a special drive in a very wide range!
• security system for each heating element
• easy and quick cleaning system
• a special cold storage zone
• frying with immersion in oil

Technical specifications:

• Dimensions (LxWxH): 1600x800x485 mm (basic version)
• Weight: 62 kg
• The working volume of oil: 115 liters.
• Working width: 0.35 m
• Working length in oil: 1m
• Cooking area: 0.35 m²
• Heating power: 9.75/ 19.5 / 29.25 / 39 kW
• Max. temperature: 200 ° C (*using special heat-resistant oil)

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Normit Food, S.R.O.,  Malacky, SK
Flagma member since 6 September 2018
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