Vacuum evaporator for sugar syrup
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Vacuum evaporator for sugar syrup

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Normit Food
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Normit food, S.R.O.,  Малацки, SK
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The vacuum evaporator for making sugar syrup is a cylindrical container made of highquality stainless steel with a heating jacket
and thermal insulation. The syrup is mixed using an anchor stirrer with mechanical seal.
The equipment is an integral part of the semiautomatic line of the toffee mass production.
Evaporation is a condensation of solid non-volatile solutions, the solvent leaks out in the form of a vapor, and the dissolved substance remains in a thickened solution (chemical technology, pharmaceuticals, artificial fibers, cellulose, dairy, sugar, ...). Evaporation usually takes place at the boiling point of the
solution under a constant heat supply. HOW IT WORKS:
Initial feedstocks are loaded into the vacuum
evaporator (via the reservoir and the trap). In a
vacuum evaporator, the mixture is stirred with
vigorous stirring. The final product is passed through
a homogenizer and pumped into the container,
then sent to the package

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Normit food, S.R.O.,  Малацки, SK
на Флагма с 6 сентября 2018

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