Hydraulic foldable roller "Land Roller"
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Hydraulic foldable roller "Land Roller"

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Roman Lazarenko
sale and marketing manager
,  Александрия (Укр), UA
на Флагма с 14 февраля 2019


“land roller"
wheel diameter - 460/470 or 600/610 mm
working width - 6, 10, 12,5 m
function: pre-sowing and post-sowing pounding, partial
alignment of soil and crushing crust surface
using the “land roller” hydraulic

foldable roller helps you:

- to save the moisture in soil;
- to save the moisture after 2-3 rains by preventing
- to save the moisture of the “winter precipitation” during
the spring rolling of the soil;
- to increase the capillarity of the soil (to improve its
- to “close” plowing for equal distribution of moisture;
- to save your time and money;
- to increase the germination uniformity of winter and
spring crops;
- to prepare the ground surface for the herbicides.
“land roller”
hydraulic foldable roller had proved itself during
many years of use in small and medium-sized farms
- possibility of use in all soil-climatic conditions,
exception is the mountain farming zone;
- all parts are made in our foundry, with complex
quality control
- repair sleeves on all connection nodes extends
life-time, contribute repairing associated with
- shear bolts prevent frame case from damaging;
- powerful hydraulics allows tractor driver to
expand the roller without leaving the tractor cab;
- equipped anthers on bearings, help to prevent
infiltration of dirt and prolong bearing lifte-time;
- turnbuckle helps to adjust the chain.

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,  Александрия (Укр), UA
на Флагма с 14 февраля 2019

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